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Tri-County's Consumer Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit foundation that benefits current Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare consumer's by awarding financial grants and scholarships to increase the consumers quality of life and independent living to the best of each individuals ability within our communities.

By offering our consumers financial resources many will be able to stabilize and move towards independence through programs such as, GED Classes, Critical Home/Car Repair, or Respite Care; which provides a temporary break between the family caregiver and the individual receiving care. 


Through a holistic approach of  addressing basic needs – food, shelter, medical and dental care; along with increasing the consumer’s ability to function at their highest level; we hope to increase the individual and the family’s quality of life and independence – all of which positively impacts our consumers and our communities as a whole.

  • ​Tri-County's Consumer Foundation (TCCF) exists to help meet the unmet needs of Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare's clients to enhance the quality of their lives.

  • Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare (TCBHC) attempts to provide as many services as we can to give our consumers the highest quality of life possible. However, due to funding limitations through our state and local contracts, we are frequently only able to provide the basic mental health, substance abuse and intellectual development disability services.  ​

  • Through the Foundation we partner with individuals, local businesses, other non-profits, and many other groups to develop funds which will be used to meet the needs TCBHC cannot provide.

  • Funds developed will be managed in a fiscally responsible way that avoids duplication of services provided by Tri-County or other like providers.  The Foundation will maximize and leverage funds whenever possible; while creating a significant and positive impact on the lives of persons served by  Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare.




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